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siluo township office,yunlin county
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Xiao, Ze-Wu
Birthplace Yunlin County, Taiwan
Office TEL No. 05-5862066
Office Address
1, Hangguang, 13 Lin , Hanguang Li, Siluo Township, Yunlin County



1. The General Manager of Yousen Construction Company.

2. The Principal of Siluo Rotary.

3. The Charter Director of Luoyang Culture-Education Foundation.

4. The Chair of Siluo Intercession Commission 1999-now.

5. The Chairperson of Siluo Cihui Tang.

6. The Trustee of Luoyang Culture-Education Fondation

7. The Assistant Chief Inspector of International Rotary of District 3470

Siluo is situated at the northern tip of Yunlin County bordering on Changhua County in the north by Jhuoshuei River. It is adjacent to Cihtong Township in the east, Erlun Township in the west and Huwei Township in the south. It is a major town of the great alluvial plain of Jhuoshuei River having an area of 4,993 hectares. It has been more than three hundred years since it was developed and can be termed as an important city on earlier days in the history of Taiwan.

Due to a tremendous amount of silt brought by Jhuoshuei River and deposited in downstream, the soil in Siluo becomes particularly fertile. Besides, convenient irrigation helps agricultural development in Siluo to be exceptionally gifted. The rice and soy bean sauce produced in Siluo are well-known around the island. In addition, the volume of trade for fruits and vegetables here is also the greatest in Taiwan.

Being famous for the Siluo Bridge, Siluo is a typical agricultural town with simple and unsophisticated people. Though industry and business are not well developed here; however, they are also free from the trouble of industrial pollution. Hard-working farmers work hand in hand to create a peaceful, primitive and beautiful Xanadu.

Supervisorˇ¦s Statement:
Siluo is such a good place. It has the great geographical features, long historical culture and affluent specialty. The other towns are nonesuch condition compared to Siluo. However, we are far behind compared to other towns. We accuse the followings for such situation: To the external, we do not have the integral marketing concept. To the internal, we do not establish the deep foundation for our industrial culture. That is why we can not push Siluo into the tourism industry on the right time. So, those problems are my goals to solve.

My administrative priorities for the future four years have three dimensions as following:

The first is to create the Siluo Bridge cultural park to flourish local business:
This plan includes the followings:

ˇ@1. Embellish the Siluo Bridge with lamplight.
ˇ@2. Build the Siluo Bridge sightsee park.
ˇ@3. Build the waterfront park.
ˇ@4. Boom the Yanping old street.
The development of Siluo economic will depend on the success or failure of those projects. We will plan those projects with the long-term perspective to make sure it aims the right direction.

The second is the project to improve the fruit and vegetables market:
The fruit and vegetables market is the treasure of Siluo. It is the major profit source to Siluo. There is another opportunity for Siluo to flourish its economic is to take the advantage of the biggest fruit and vegetables market in Taiwan-the Siluo fruit and vegetables market. We can use the fruit and vegetables market to create fortune and job for farmers.
The followings are we going to do:
ˇ@1. Improve the air pollution in the market.
ˇ@2. Assure the health of farmer.
ˇ@3. Use the electric car.
ˇ@4. Expand the business area.
ˇ@5. Increase the market share in fruit and vegetables transaction.
ˇ@6. Improve the operation process.
ˇ@7. Enhance the internal control.

The third is to care for the aged, women and children:

It must have the whole welfare policy to take care the aged, women and children in a civilization society. The township office should enactive to do something to improve the welfare to our aged, women and children.
The followings are we going to do:
ˇ@1. Utilize the community activity center.
ˇ@2. Unite the volunteer and officer.
ˇ@3. Track and care the aged living alone.
ˇ@4. Integrate the medical resource in town.
ˇ@5. Design the suitable carry route for citizen to get the medical treatment.
ˇ@6. Accommodate the aged and disability to get the medical treatment.
ˇ@7. Hold the learning class.
ˇ@8. Let the foreign bride to understand Taiwan and to merge the local culture.
ˇ@9. Decrease the living problem.

Above-mentioned is the township administration ideals of Ze-Wu. Those are the summary from the suggestion of the superior, senior, precursors and friends. Thanks for everybodyˇ¦s support and suggestion. I will ask the staffs of our township office to take their responsibility to do their best to server our citizen. I also ask them to find the problem actively and solve the problem quickly. I will support our staffs to do the right thing. The Administration of township can not be done by one person. The chair and councilors of township council will support us. And the heads of our twenty-seven communities will co-operate with our township office. It is the mutual wish of the Siluo for us to turn the Siluo into a prosperous and featured town. So, let us strive for Siluo in the next four years.