Brief introduction about the chief officer of Siluo Township Office

Birthplace Yunlin County, Taiwan
E-mail secret01@mail.hsilo.gov.tw
Office Address 1, Hangguang, 13 Lin , Hanguang Li, Siluo Township, Yunlin County
Office TEL No. 05-5863203


Senior high school graduate


1.Councilor of the 16th and 17th term in Yunlin County

2.Deputy chairperson of the 17th term of Siluo Township Citizen Committee

3.Elected member of the 3rd term of Taiwan Yunlin Irrigation Association

4.Committee chairperson of Qingxi Women Association, Siluo Branch委

Words from chief Officer

I, Ling-Hui, have been working as a public official for more than 12 years since 2002. I can’t say much more to thank all residents in Siluo Township.

I would like to thank all my supporters so that I could have the opportunity to run in the election. Below I would like to talk about my elective politics about future four years as well as share my experience about being the chief officer of the 17th term of Siluo Township.

First of all, I would like to show my acknowledgement of previous chief officers of Siluo Township. Their contributions formed a solid foundation for establishing current Siluo Township. In the future, by working from this foundation, I will lead my team of Siluo Township Office to reach a new climax of Siluo Township. My elective politics are as the follows:

1.We will continue to reinforce the hardware and software facilities of fruit and vegetable markets, and provide a trade platform of quality agricultural products with the purpose to increase farmers’ income.

2.We will assure the implementation of social welfare policy that help better take care of disadvantaged people, the elderly, and women and children.

3.We will plan and establish the Siluo Bridge Tourist Park to be a multi-functional recreational, tourist and artistic place.

4.We will not only be a diligent and caring team, but also be free of corruption. We aim to serve residents with higher efficiency.

5.We will strive for gaining funding for local construction, in order to improve the living environment and quality in rural villages.

I will work hard in the order of priority to fulfill my promises step by step. I shall never disappoint residents of Siluo Township. Once again, I would like to thank every resident for your support. I wish all residents of Siluo Township good health, and nothing succeeds like success.